Divorce Logistics

End of Year Sale

$2,200 for application for Consent Orders

$600 for advising on BFA

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How does it work?

1. Contact us by phone or email to book a time convenient to you for a phone consultation.

2. We will confirm by email.

3. We will call you.

4. We will confirm instructions and advice by email with our invoice. Our invoice is due after the consultation.

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Our lawyers are specialist family law solicitors with a wealth of experience under their belt.

We have practiced in:

a. Sydney Family/Federal Circuit Court.

b. Parramatta Family/ Federal Circuit Court.

c. Albury Federal Circuit Court.

d. Melbourne Family/Federal Circuit Court.

e. Dandenong Family Federal Circuit Court.

f. Regional Family Law registries in NSW and Victoria.

g. Canberra Family/Federal Circuit Court.

h. Brisbane Family/Federal Circuit Court.

i. Supreme Court of NSW.

Family Law Advice - Our specialty

We offer the following services for you:

1. No obligation phone advice charged at $300 an hour

2. Set fee services for:

a. Drafting application for consent orders and minute of order (financial/children) - starting at $2,500

b. Preparing documents for you to commence proceedings - initiating application/ affidavit/ financial statement /notice of risk - starting at $3,500

c. Divorce (simple divorce) - $400

d. Contact us for more information